Welcome to the Nanaimo Parkinson Support Group Web Site & Blog

We are proud to launch our website for the Nanaimo Parkinson Support Group (NPSG).

Until now, the group, which has existed for several years, has been communicating via email, phone and monthly meetings. One of our members, John Watt, has been tirelessly keeping the information flowing even as the support group membership has grown and the amount of information being distributed has increased.

At the October 18, 2016 Monthly Meeting a presentation was given of the highlights from the recent WPC 2016 conference that was held in Portland Oregon. A promise was made to make the presentation slides and other related information available after the meeting. Distributing the large files by email was not feasible and the idea of a website with links for downloading and viewing the files was the result.


We hope that you find the site useful and welcome your comments and suggestions about how to make the site better.

Kevin Hood

Nanaimo, BC

November 14, 2016


2 thoughts on “Welcome to the Nanaimo Parkinson Support Group Web Site & Blog”

  1. Hi Kevin, just started checking out your site and am impressed, We will check out more of your links as time permits. Great job.


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