Dancing and Parkinson’s

Susan brought the following article from the Parkinson Post to my attention:

You should be dancing

Makes you want to start dancing again!

There is a Rhythm and Moves class that has been offered from time to time for Nanaimo area Parkies. There is no class at present because not enough people signed up but if enough interest materializes the instructors will reconsider the cancellation. If you are interested add a comment to this post or send us a message through the Contact page.



4 thoughts on “Dancing and Parkinson’s”

    1. We’ll put together a list first and if we have enough, we’ll let Genya decide how she wants to organize everything. Stay tuned…


  1. I would love a dance class but so far haven’t been able to sign up due to travel etc. I am here for the next 6 weeks and if a class could begin next week and the time is right I would commit for 6 weeks ’til end of November. If this just isn’t possible what about a 4 week trial class during this period from October 23 – November 30 which would also work for me.


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