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Victoria PSBC Regional Conference Videos Available

The videos of the four presentations given at the November 5, 2016 Regional Conference in Victoria are now online at the Parkinson Society BC website at the following location:

There are a lot of links from other conferences on this page so I’ve pulled out the relevant ones and put them below in presentation order with duration times and links that open in a new tab or window.


They are worth listening to. One of my favourite quotes comes from Laurie Mischley’s talk:

We’re really good at hiding your symptoms while your disease progresses, but we are really bad at changing the rate of disease progression … we are celebrating the 200th year anniversary next year and we don’t have a single therapy other than exercise that has been shown to slow disease progression.



Our plastic brains can heal!

CBC’s The Current aired a show on Thursday, October 27, 2016 called How ‘plastic’ brain can heal from traumatic injuries. There is a link provided to listen to the segment.

The same evening a show called The Brain’s Way of Healing aired on The Nature of Things. Though not specifically focussed on Parkinson’s disease much of what they say is relevant.