Join Our Support Group

Why You Should Join

You can come back and view this website any time you want to find out what’s new. An easier way is to join our support group and have us send you emails when we have something new to tell you.

You may also wish to Become a Member of  Parkinson Society British Columbia. We are an affiliate of PSBC who tracks information and events that you may find interesting that we do not report on.

How to Join

In order for us to add you to our list we need your full name and an email address. The easiest way is to send them to us using one of the methods described on the Contact Page. To un-join, use the Contact Page to let us know.

To keep our list of members clean, from time to time we may ping the entire membership list requesting a confirmation that the email addresses are still active. Email addresses failing one or more tests will be removed from our list.

Getting a Paper Copy

If you do not have access to or do not use a computer, you can arrange for delivery of printed copies of our emails.  We will deliver them by hand or by Canada Post depending on depending on where you live.

When you contact us, please provide us with your full name and valid mailing address. If you provide both email and street address we will send both electronic and paper copies. This is useful if both PWP and a care-partner or family member are interested in receiving our mailings.


We will not share or divulge your email address to others. When we send out our emails your address will be in the BCC field and will not be visible to any other email recipient.


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