Exercise & Active Living

Activities for PWP

There are a number of activities and classes in Nanaimo specifically for persons with Parkinson’s (PWP). These include:

If you know of activities that are not on the list or if you have ideas for a new activity please let us know.

Other Accessible Activities in and Around Nanaimo

There are a number of other activities offered in and around Nanaimo that, while not specifically tailored for PWP, may be accessible to PWP with lighter symptoms. Here is a partial list.

Tai Chi

A February 2012 article at WebMD.com, Tai Chi Improves Symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease, cites a study claiming that Tai Chi Leads to Smoother, Steadier Movements, Longer Strides, and Fewer Falls Compared to Other Types of Exercise.

There are a few places around Nanaimo that do Tai Chi. We will list them here as we check them out.

Bird Watching

There are organized bird-watching events every Sunday and Tuesday sponsored by the Backyard Wildbird and Nature Store. They are often out for three hours at a time but they do not move quickly. (Their trip around Buttertubs can take two to three hours! It’s endurance not power that counts.)

Sunday outings start at 9am at the store at 6314 Metral Drive (map).

Tuesday outings start at 9am at Parksville Community Park (map) at the parking lot near the Lions Club Kids Playground.


After seeing how much fun drumming can be at the Portland conference, we are looking for ways to add drumming to our repertoire for our group members. Stay tuned…


The city of Nanaimo has a long list of Clubs and Organizations on its website. Check it out! If you try something that works for you despite your PD symptoms let us know and we’ll add it to our list.


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