Fitness Walks

Starting in Spring 2016 the NPSG initiated regular walks around the Buttertubs Marsh. A second walk around the Neck Point park was added intermittently on days when the Friday PWR! class wasn’t being run. We hope that these two will be joined by other organized walks in the future.

Buttertubs Marsh

Each Monday and Wednesday PWP, care-givers and friends are invited to meet at 10:30 at the North entrance near the corner where 3rd Street and Jingle Pot Road.

Participation is on a drop in basis weather permitting. For those of you who are not familiar with the trail, it circles the Marsh, is level, wide enough for 2 – 3 people to walk abreast at a time and is comprised of well maintained packed small gravel and sand.

Participants walk at their own pace and can shorten their walk, if so desired, by going for a short distance then returning back to the parking lot rather than going the whole loop. The full walk is about 2 km and takes approx 45 minutes.

Buttertubs Marsh is a bird and wildlife sanctuary. The 2 km loop trail around the marsh has a few observation decks. Dogs and bicycles are not permitted.

For more information about the park, check out the City of Nanaimo Link. Note that the South entrance is, as of late October 2016, unavailable due to construction work.

Here are some additional pictures.

Neck Point Park

Friday afternoons are usually reserved for the PWR! Classes, however, from time to time these classes are not held for one reason or another. Starting in the summer of 2016 a group of PWP replaced the class with a walk at Neck Point Park. Weather permitting, we meet at 2:00pm and typically follow a path counter-clockwise around the perimeter of the park. For the most part we are walking on hard-packed gravel or dirt.

The walk is shorter than the Buttertubs walk but involves more ups and downs including some wooden staircases and some stepping over logs though there are alternate paths that bypass these obstacles that are flatter and more even.

Neck Point Park lies along the shore looking out into the Strait of Georgia.  It is a popular place for dog-walking, jogging, and power-walking. You may even see the occasional group doing Tai Chi.

Westwood Lake

While we have not (yet) run an organized walk to Westwood Lake however we mention it because it is one of the most popular walks in and around Nanaimo and a preferred destination for many a jogger/runner, dog-walker or just someone out for a stroll. Note that you may encounter some bicycles along the trail as well.

The main loop takes you around the lake with a total distance of about 6km. Most of it is fairly flat with hard-packed dirt or gravel. One section near the end of the trail does climb a good distance with a pretty good slope. If you do the loop clockwise (recommended) you will get this difficult section over with at the beginning of the walk.

The main parking lot can be reached by exiting at the Jingle Pot Road exit off of the Parkway and going away from the city (map).


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